Part 3 - How We Got Our Name


Ahh the million-dollar question. (We accept PayPal)

After 6 months of brain pain (and a sacrificial forest of trees), we settled on ‘Cousin Billie’.

It does sound a bit like we ripped pages out of a dictionary and threw them under the lawnmower but there was some thought behind it.

As mentioned earlier, mum came from a family of 10 children, and dad came from a family of 8 children (no TV), so we have 39 first cousins.

Growing up with an enormous family was wonderful. Games of cricket, water fights, all the dangerous ‘farm-kid’ (probably illegal) things that greyed our parents’ hair.

Despite sounding like a bunch of thrill-billies, however, we were taught honesty, respect and good manners. We wanted this brand to be a subtle reflection of that country upbringing and the inclusive feeling of being part of a loving and grounded family.

We also wanted a name that was feminine and combined the essence of being genuine and kind, having a good sense of humour and not being afraid of hard work. We needed a name that culminated all the bubbly friends we’d ever known. Friends who were caring and beautiful from the inside out.

And who could rock a pencil skirt.



And so - Cousin Billie was born. 


Pt. 4 - Coming soon!