Part 2 - Our Founder


Hi! I’m Petula and I’m 29 years old. (And I’m never coming back to update this number.)

I was raised on a dairy farm in South East Queensland where my mum and her 9 siblings (Yes, 10 kids! I know!) were brought up.

My mum loved clothes (probably because she grew up with hand-me-downs) and she was an incredible seamstress. She taught me the basics of how to sew (which I promptly forgot), and how to dress respectably.

When I left school, I moved to Toowoomba, working full time in Human Resources during the week and studying on the weekends. I was running a small Massage business, had my own Cattle Stud and volunteered playing piano at the Nursing Home every spare chance I got.
I (quite stupidly) put my hand up for every community program or voluntary role that was called for, and - needless to say - the next 11 years flew by REALLY quickly.

I met a handsome (I mean, thoughtful and understanding) Livestock Agent/Auctioneer in 2015 and we got married in 2017, moving back to his hometown in Hamilton, Victoria.

This was when I left my job and spent the next 18 months learning Fashion Design and navigating my way around this crazy industry.

My days are now filled taking care of Cousin Billie (and the housework) and pretending to help my husband with his Livestock Marketing company. We also run a few beef cattle on the side.


Cousin Billie Founder Head Fashion Designer Australian Women's Fashion Label Businesswoman



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