Free your mind, boost your confidence!

Do you spend some days worried that your neckline is a bit low or that your dress might be see-through?

Maybe you're a bit self-conscious of your upper arms or your knees and you'd rather they were covered up more?

Do you ever feel a bit uncomfortable in your outfit? Like it's not who you really are?


Are you comfortable smiling at strangers down the street or would you rather be invisible?


Did you know your outfit has the power to change the way you act?


At Cousin Billie, you'll find tailored pieces designed with careful thought and attention to detail.

You won't need to worry about all the little things, because we've taken care of them!


Own your respectable standards and morals and never feel self-conscious again!


Want the icing on the cake, too?

Cousin Billie garments are all 100% ethically Australian Made.

(That means quality that LASTS)

Fun for all ages!

We don't accept “If I were 20 years younger..."  here!

Meet Our Designer

 Cousin Billie | Fashion Designer | Petula Savin 
Cousin Billie is run by Owner and Fashion Designer, Petula Savin.

Located in the lush green corners of South West Victoria, Petula runs the label from her home studio.

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Shop By Category

Darling Dresses

Perfect-length dresses in designs and prints you've never seen!

Elegant styles with quality stitching, trims, and finishes.

Sweet Skirts

Tailored skirts that shape your feminine curves.

Soft and breathable natural fabrics and fully-lined so you never need to wear a slip!

Trendy Tops

Feel secure and stylish in these tops with sleeves that cover your arms.

No need for singlets - bend forward without anything falling out!