• Cousin Billie - A breath of fresh air for the fashion industry

Fun, Feminine and Comfortable

Adjust nothing!

These designs guarantee you'll feel effortlessly put-together and relaxed.

No more unease or awkwardness about your outfit.

Your knickers won't be visible, your personal bits will all be covered, and the buttons, zips and stitching will all stay firmly in place.

Get excited about getting dressed!

Colour and Quality

Let's fill your wardrobe with it!

Natural, breathable fibres mean you'll always smell as fresh as a daisy.

Rest assured that we've thoroughly tested and proved your garments for stain resistance, ease of ironing, longevity, comfort, and practicality.

Nothing See-Through

Keep your dignity without having to wear another layer.

Tasteful Hemlines/Necklines

Without being frumpy.

Sleeves and Backs

Check and check.

Breathable Fibres

Natural fabrics keep you feeling fresh.

Quality Hardware

Hard-wearing zips, buttons, and trims.

Ethically Australian Made

No people were exploited in the making of these garments.

Want Something Different?

Tired of all the shops and fashions looking exactly the same?

So were we.

Be inspired with our unique designs and modern take on classic, vintage and feminine silhouettes.

Shop By Category

Darling Dresses

Perfect-length dresses in designs and prints you've never seen!

Elegant styles with quality stitching, trims, and finishes.

Sweet Skirts

Tailored skirts that shape your feminine curves.

Soft and breathable natural fabrics and fully-lined so you never need to wear a slip!

Trendy Tops

Feel secure and stylish in these tops with sleeves that cover your arms.

No need for singlets - bend forward without anything falling out!

Meet Our Designer

 Cousin Billie | Fashion Designer | Petula Savin 
Cousin Billie is owned by Fashion Designer, Petula Savin.

Located in the lush green corners of South West Victoria, Petula designs for the label from her home studio.

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