What To Buy A Special Friend | All-Australian Gift Ideas

What To Buy A Special Friend | All-Australian Gift Ideas
Do you dread the thought of buying gifts? 

Especially for ladies who are so sweet and thoughtful themselves that presents just seem so... inadequate?

Thank-you gifts, birthday presents, Christmas presents, goodbye presents, sympathy presents, kitchen teas, bridal showers, weddings, whatever it may be; we've put together a gorgeous gift guide for you!

With all-Australian brands and products for you to glean inspiration from, we've also included handy-dandy links to all the goodness. 😉
(Apologies in advance if you end up purchasing some things in this list for yourself...🙊)



Let's kick it off with this beautiful new cookbook by Sophie Hansen.

In Good Company | Sophie Hansen

It's filled with the most delicious recipes that are interesting, full of flavour, and absolutely fail-proof. She also talks about overcoming the excuses we make when thinking we're not a good enough cook, our house isn't tidy enough, or it's too expensive to have people over for dinner. 

This book is so genuine, practical and down-to-earth, just like Sophie.

You can buy it here


Picnic Season | Really Big Picnic Rugs

Next up are these INCREDIBLE picnic rugs from a Geelong business. They're enormous, you can wipe them clean, and the bag they come in is super generous so it doesn't even matter how terribly you fold it up, it still fits! (The bag can also be worn as a backpack... hello 2 free hands for carrying your fish and chips!)

They even come with pegs for windy days and there are heaps of funky prints to choose from.

We use ours all. the. time.

You can buy them here.

If you're looking for a smaller gift, you can also buy a picnic basket here, or a gift voucher here.


Weyhill Farms | Garlic Salt Blends

Also Victorian-based in Ranceby, Julie and Stewart have perfected the art of garlic growing and also perfected all their delicious seasoned salt blends. 

The best part about these is that they're not going to sit in your pantry for 3 years because you don't know what to do with them. On the side of each bottle are a tonne of delicious (and ingenius) ideas for ways to use them! 

Check out their range here.


Belle Bouquets | Cut Flower Seed Subscription Box

Our beautiful model Lisel (who's actually a flower farmer 😉), has just released this exciting new subscription box for anyone wanting to grow their own Cut Flowers!

Each season she sends out 6 different seed packs, ready to plant. She also offers tips and tricks on a private Facebook group and even teaches you how to cut and arrange them once they're grown!

Read more about it here


Grampians Goods Co | Scottish Tartan Wool Blanket

If it's the wrong end of the year for sunny picnic rugs, why not send one of Grampians Goods Co's luxurious tartan blankets as a gift instead? 

They're imported from Edinburgh in Scotland, they're absolutely perfect for snuggling AND styling, and they're not fuzzy so they won't shed!

You may have to be organised in advance to gift one of these though, they're hardly ever in stock so pre-order if you can!

Amanda is based locally here in The Grampians.

'Check' out all the different designs here. (See what I did there? 😏)

You can also get a matching Paddock Pillow™️ to go with them!



Merry People | Bobbi Ankle Gumboot

Also a local Victorian business, Merry People's gumboots make me smile every time I see them.

Not your regular 'off-to-milk-the-cows' gumboot, these beauties are made from 100% rubber and are lined with 4mm neoprene to not only keep your feet dry, but also cosy and warm.

The only reason I don't own a pair yet is because I've spent two years trying to decide on a colour.

Find your favourite here.


Southern Wild Co | Scented Candles


I know, I know, candles can be a bore, but these are not your ordinary candles.

Inspired by the magic of the Australian bush and the poetry and literature of those who've walked this great land before us.

Just have a listen to the description for this Southern Sky candle:

'A tribute to the Milky Way and the sparkling mystery of the vast southern sky. Sparkling top notes of ground spice and a dark amber accord are underpinned by smoky notes of oak moss. Think curling smoke from a crackling campfire under the gum trees, reaching up to a million sparkling stars. 

Inspired by Henry Lawson’s poem, A May Night on the Mountains...'

Need I say more? Check out their signature range here.


 CountryStyle | Magazine Subscription

Oh, our dear friend CountryStyle. My favourite magazine for the longest time. Every page is filled with an abundance of inspiration to garden, bake and redecorate. 

I love subscriptions because they're the gifts that keep on giving. Every month, every page turn, every time they check the mailbox and it's there.. the receiver will smile as they're reminded of your thoughtfulness.

You're also gifting them a free pass (or guilting them - in a good way!) to put the kettle on and take some time to just sit down and 'Escape the Everyday'. 

Shop subscriptions here.


Love Tea | Skin Glow

Make sure the recipient won't take this one the wrong way, but I've never tried a Love Tea that I didn't like so check out their full range if you're worried!

These teas have been blended by naturopaths and are all certified organic. They're packed here in Victoria.

Shop the Skin Glow range here.

They also have canisters and lovely gift packs:


Cousin Billie | Laundry Delicates Wash Bags

What kind of gift guide would this be without these pretties?! 😍

The perfect stocking stuffer at Christmas or a complementary accompaniment to any gift.

These sweet little laundry bags have a metal zipper and an elasticised pocket to tuck the puller into (so that none of your other clothes get snagged in the wash).


The printed design is by highly-esteemed Melbourne-based Illustrator - Nicole Onslow. 

Get yours here.


Only Mine | Belgian Milk Chocolate

Ok, so chocolate can be boring too but you have not lived until you've tasted this chocolate! Hands down the best chocolate Australia has ever made.

I first fell in love with a Belgian Milk block that was gifted to me in a hamper. So simple, so understated, but so scrumptiously GOOD. (The way you'd expect chocolate to taste in a fairytale.)

Trust me that you will win brownie points for this gift. 

And if you're ever in the Dandenongs, you mustn't leave without trying a hot - or iced - chocolate from their little store in Olinda, too!

You can thank me later.

Shop here


Barebones | Walnut Gardening Scissors

These quality, walnut-handled scissors are the perfect gift for the avid gardener in your life! 

The heat-treated stainless steel blades are rust resistant too so you can rest assured that your gift will be treasured for years to come. 

A nice affordable but stylish choice. 

Shop here.


The Potting Shed | Sophie Conran Harvest Basket

Perfect for collecting vegetables, flowers or eggs!

Another inexpensive but thoughtful gift idea. 

Shop the basket (and more great gardening tools*) here

*Check out the metal herb labels and the beautifully packaged Sophie Conran secateurs.


Maisie and Clare | Coffee Towels

Coffee Towels - "Why should tea get all the glory?"

These quirky 'tea towels' are a cotton/linen blend, available in green and bright blue to cheer up your kitchen. 

Would make a great gift for a coffee (or tea!) lover with a sense of humour!

Shop these here.

If you want to bulk up your gift all in the one place, we also love these items from Maisie and Clare:

This little 'Be Happy' porcelain milk jug:

These wicker salad servers:

These cute mugs (lots of colours to choose from, and a decent 400ml capacity):

Also love their 'Charming Chooks' collection. (If you're into matchy matchy, you can have a tea towel, placemats, coasters and dish cloths all the same!)


Mrs Nargar & Co | Scented Gift Boxes

Premium candles, diffusers and shower steam bombs. These gift boxes would make the perfect gift for someone selfless who never spoils themselves.

Shop separate candles/diffusers/melts here and pre-made gift boxes (easy option 😉) here.


Otto & Spike | Merino Wool Scarves

One of the few remaining businesses still knitting in Australia, these wool scarves are just delicious! 

Shop all their scarves here


Interior Jungle | Indoor Pots + Plants (posted Australia-wide!)

I used to joke that if you ever bought me flowers you'd best make sure they come with roots and a pot!

These guys are based in Melbourne and deliver pots and plants Australia-wide!

Indoor plants are are a great gift because they thrive on neglect, so no need for the recipient to feel like they have a huge responsibility to keep something alive. Just pop them somewhere humid, a good water every 4-6 weeks, and most of them are happy as Larry. Whoever he is. 

Visit their store here.


Body Scrubs

We're all bits of suckers for some good marketing and brand personality but despite their humorous packaging and copy, I love Frank Body because their products are actually amazing.

This one is a tie between Frank and Sonya. I'm in love with them both and use them both frequently. Maybe just gift the one that suits the recipient better!


Frank Body | Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

Cheeky, smells delicious, works a treat.

Made in Melbourne with no nasties.

Shop here.


Eco By Sonya | Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Also made in Australia.

A gorgeous refreshing and uplifting scent. Seriously exfoliating.

Remember to apply before you get in the shower!

Shop here.


Bare & Co | Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs


Ok, this might seem like a strange present but we recently gifted some as wedding presents and they were really well received.

(I've been using them for over 6 months now too and I love them.)

They also get cheaper if you buy in bulk (they come in cute little cotton drawstring bags of 50, even if you do buy lots. Great for gifting!).

To give you an idea, on a big washing day I've never used more than 150 at a time.

You can get them here (50 pack) , here (100), here (150) or here (500).


Need something sooner?

Here's some other simple gift ideas if you want to shop local or hand-make something yourself:

  • Wander your local bookstore for a new book.
  • Try scouting out local beauty salons or massage clinics and buy a voucher or treatment package.
  • Buy a wicker basket and fill it with local produce or beauty products. Wrap it in clear cellophane.
  • Bake a dish or a cake (or both!) and drop it off with some fresh flowers.
  • Hand make some preserves or fudge and gift wrap it in a lovely tea towel.  
  • Get a large glass jar and add the dry ingredients for a batch of brownies. Attach the recipe for instructions to finish it off.
  • Buy a garden ornament or a nice pot and an easy plant from your local nursery.


And if you want a present to send instantly, you can always grab a digital gift card from Cousin Billie. I hear they have some beautiful clothes. 😉


Let us know your favourite Australian brands or even just add some great gift ideas below!

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